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There are multiple reasons why Attack in Titan is one of the best anime produced ever. Starting off on graphics, it is just unbelievable they have created such vivid scenes. It seems like every frame is carefully drawn, and the combat takes the audience in a new angle as if they are experiencing it too.

Unlike other anime where they all get a cliché opening and intros, most viewers do like, Attack on Titan has a real intro that hooks the audience every time they open an episode.

SEASON 1 has non stop action and is very one – Dimensional but is still very fun to watch and easy to enjoy. Season 2 has a slower build-up to an insane climax at the end of the season, this is a season that adds so much depth to the series and the characters we all love.

SEASON 3 [Part 1] is very character-driven and has mostly human on human action, with tons of hard choices and moral dilemmas that place every character in a morally grey zone. Part 1 is full of schemes, grasps for power, and political espionage.SEASON 3 part 2 is the payoff toa ll the things that lead up to it, that combines every element from each season seamlessly into a satisfying and dramatic climax with a great ending that makes you want to see more.

Highlights of Attack On Titan

I love how each character is so unique and different, how there are a lot of character developments in the anime and the dreams of EREN. The play just keeps adding and the existence of the titans kept interesting. The story only gets better for each season. The best modern action anime and its dark fantasy and mature themes portrayed with sometimes excessive violence and body horror can be off-putting to some.

SEASON 3 has surpassed all the brilliance it ha shown in the previous two seasons. This is just as close as one can get to ‘Game of Thrones’ in an animeverse. Any of the favorite characters can die and is full of cliffhangers. This keeps the viewer going and is a must-watch who loves to see an unpredictable death sequence. The action scenes are really awesome. The story is gripping. In order I would say that SEASON 3 is the best, then in season 1, and lastly, season 2, just because season 2 is much more like a build-up to what’s coming next which is a masterpiece.

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