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Greatest TV Show of all time, After the mind-blowing season 3, the wait for season 4 is irresistible. Eren Yeager is probably one of the greatest characters in all of the anime. Isayama took a big risk with Eren’s character and it paid off.

The expectation for Season 4

We hope that SEASON 4 of the anime is filled with the same amount of thrills as the Manga. The action in Attack on Titan is unrivaled IMO. Wit studio did such a great job animating season 3 part 2, and Isa Yama’s creativity with that season was astounding. Season 3 part 2 managed to be unique, yet felt so familiar. It is yet unknown that season 4 would top season 3 as a whole because that is some of the best television ever seen. There are so many great moments to look forward to like Eren vs War Hammer, Eren, and Zeke at the coordinate, Eren meeting up with Armin and Mikasa for the last time before the Rumbling.

Not only the plot twist, but also the fights were great, so much blood and gore, but also Isayama and the other directors control the characters, like for example Berthold was a coward and he always relies on Reiner for decisions but that changed so much when they were negotiating on the roof and not long after that, he got killed by someone who still can’t control their 3D maneuvering gear very well and only got 1 titan kill by using it.

The trailer actually doesn’t spoil a lot. There is not many episodes spoiler like that of season 3.Anyways, besides that, the story is dark but beautiful, and the animation id the best anime has ton offer. THE SHOW HAS AN AMAZING GOOD PACE, WITH A BLEND OF GUT WRENCHING TENSE ACTION SCENES AND HEARTFELT CHARACTER MOMENTS. Every character feels real and three dimensional, despite their occasionally silly anime-style banter, which is entertaining in its own right).

The soundtrack is also amongst the best any television show has produced, and it expresses the tones of the show and makes every scene even better.’ VOGEL IN KAFIG” is a musical masterpiece. The show’s twists and turns are on another level, and the reveals are built so well that every plot twist will leave your jaw on the floor.

The expectation for the season 4 gets so intense as season 3 was the best of the best that even alien would fail to bring that kind of anime. I have faith that MAPPA  will do a great job with this final season which will be streaming on Netflix in October!

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