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Korean Drama, also known as K-Drama is popular worldwide. Due to its culture and often centered around a love story dramas, K dramas have gained recognition all over the world. With its fastest streaming and availability of subtitles in different languages, many of the Korean dramas have earned high ratings and greater satisfaction from the audience.


One of the famous South Korean drama is BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST TIME. Directed by PARK JOON –Hwa and written by YOON NAN –JOONG, the first script reading took place in August 2017 at Studio Dragon in Sangam –dong. The drama stars LEE MIN – KI as Nam Se Hee and JUND SO MIN as Yoon Ji Ho,  having an opposite outlook on life, goals, career, and relationships.


NAM SE HEE, who is a successful employee, knows of his needs from his life. He owns a place whereas Yoon Ji ho has some financial struggles and due to which she has put her dating life on hold. She doesn’t own a home and envies those who do. The drama revolves around how these two get married not like being a couple in love but more of a temporary contract marriage!

Yoon Ji being a daydreamer believes in love whereas Nam Se hee have no desire to marry. Being bullied by the colleagues in her office, Yoon Ji seems to handle everything with grace and elegance representing a woman’s power in the story more powerfully.

With their personal reasons, they are to become a married couple as Nam Se Lee owns a lot to his mortgage and Yoon Ji have no place to go and facing struggles with her job as her senior traited her by taking the recognition of her works like hers. The dirty tricks to pull her down and sexism prompt her to compromise in her love life and dream marriage.

A house-poor man and homeless woman become housemates and get to face the difficulties faced by the young people in marriage like demanding –in-laws and their own growing bond. With romance and comedy, the friendship between these two is also focused.


With such a lovely storyline all the main characters and cast are adorable. The great balance of personalities and the interesting plot is seen. The drama contains beautiful, well script filled with poetry. Unlike many K dramas, this one is really an eye-opener and quite realistic making it a masterpiece dealing with the complex subject of marriage.

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