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Space jam 2 with the initial release on July 2021 directed by Malcolm D. Lee is the sequel of the 1996 film Space Jam. Starring NBA Player LeBron James as well as Don Cheadle and Soneque Martin-Green , the movie is based on Looney Tunes featured by Warner Bros.

                                                Spin –Off of Space Jam

The talks for the sequel of space jam began after the release of the 1996 movie. But the refusal of Micheal Jordon to comeback made the sequel skimpy. But after all the resistance, the movie is supposed to be released in July 2021.

                                                 AUDIENCE REACTION

Just after the announcement of Space Jam 2, also called Space Jam: The New Legacy, people started talking about the storyline or the usual comparison between two different players or who will do the performance better if it‘s not Micheal Jordon? With the outlook on the previous movie which blends the story perfectly with MJ’s life events by using the fictional events, many opinionated that the sequel would be a bad idea.   

The film also features Looney Tunes as Bugs Bunny. In addition to these many of the NBA and WNBA players are also expected to be part of the cast.

It’s been a long rumor that the projects had already started in 2014 with numerous starts and stops and had finalized its cast and producers now.

Joe Pytka, the director of space jam said in an interview,” Everyone was trying to take advantage of the situation. The original thing is the original thing. They should leave it alone”.With the statement, it seems that he doesn’t like the ideas of the writers about the new legacy. He also mentioned that there will not be another Micheal Jordon and it is quite impossible to bring that kind of charisma without him.


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