With the recovery from the lockdown restrictions ,the theatres and halls are deciding to reopen themselves .This pandemic has shakened the movie theatres and the film industries are struggling to adapt themselves in this new change.Many of the movies have been postponed to last 2020s or early 2021s.

Theatres across the country have been shut down since march .But as the lockdown restriction are loosening ,many of the studious are thinking of reopening their theatres .It is quite visible that they want to get movies in their halls as soon as possible.

The Covid Impact

Many of the protocols and precautions have been introduced to make the audience entry enable .But Doctors advisory are the opposite.They don’t think that these protocols and precautions would prove to be helpful in the non -transmission of the virus.

Doctors says that virus is easily transmitted where there is forced air such as air conditioned room or halls.These would therefore encourage the virus to grow rapidly among people.

Many epidemiologists still consider that watching movie out is still unsafe than watching it in your own living room.Their understandings suggests that the virus could be transmitted through the aeresolized droplets that come out of the mouth.Gathering a handful amount of audience in the halls can prove to be dangerous and can cause hazardous exposure.

Dr. Ravina Kullar, a los Angeles –based infectious disease specialist said ,”There has not been a drop or a plateau and that is a concern.I don’t see any changes in a positive direction”.

Many of them suggests that it is nearly impossible to keep account on the people wearing masks as lights go down.Well this is not the only problem.There is air conditioner.The primary way coronavirus is transmitted is through the exchange of infected droplets.The forced air could increase the transmission of virus.

Hence, with the estimation and growing cases ,doctors and experts are advising not to go out to see movies any time sooner.

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