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Ava Duvernay and HBO Max are making a debut based on one perfect shot

Ava Duvernay and HBO max have done a partnership for their upcoming project. It was based on the story of one perfect shot.

The team of HBO max and the great producer Ava Duvernay have decided to create half-hour series and they will get the same name.

This announcement has been done by the company, the day before on the social media handles.

This documentary will look like the iconic series, one perfect shot. Moreover, It will be directed by those directors of the films.

All the viewers of the film will see the perfect and detailed breakdowns of the films as it is.

A statement being like bush fire is that all the episodes will be directed by the different directors. This means not a single director will produce more than one episode.

According to a press release, this thing is done so the viewers will have an all-round or 360 moments.

This will help the users to get a maximum exploration of movie-making and will get a broad experience.

Essentially this series has only celebrated as a film in terms of cinematography.

About Ava Duvernay

Duvernay is a very famous personality in the film industry which has a great experience of the screen.

As she was the producer of the blockbusters like Selma, Wrinkle in Time, 13th, and produced a very famous Netflix series “when they see us”.

She is now the whole set to produce and execute the series One perfect shot.

One perfect shot is based on the actual film scenes. The technology and the scenes of the series will be based on the same movie-making one.

Duvernay said that she always wanted to create a series that depends on the art of directing.

“The great filmmakers from the chronicles are now feeling as their dream come true for me and mostly all the directors”.

The twitter account of one perfect shot has more than 5.6 lakh followers. Moreover, it was started in the year 2013 by the director Geoff Todd. 

Later the ownership of the twitter account has been given to one of the best publishers Neil Miller and then he became the part of the film.

Under Neil Miller, twitter has grown much and he has also launched the newsletter to discuss future decisions and films.

There is no estimated date for the release of the series and there is no updated list also.

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