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5 of the best shows ready to stream on amazon prime

How much do you expect, amazon would have the numbers in the list of Shows?

Guess what, there is no data over the internet!

Haha- although in my guess it has thousands of shows over there or maybe more that of that.

But the question is, how many are the best ones!

Over here I am going to list down 5 of the best shows from amazon shows list that is ready to stream now.

A Very English Scandal

How thus this story sounds like, I was in love with a gay and was enjoying but things went out of control when he shared the things publicly.

The same is the story of this series, a politician tries to kill his love for the reputation and career. Moreover, things went something else when he survived and shared it with the public.

Here is the trailer:

The Boys

The superheroes tales, Who not loves those superpowers and the burning energy in veins, But hey now you hate.

Yeah, you are going to hate superheroes because this series is based on those superheroes who try to cover up their bad things by fame and money.

Here powerless boys are there to save the world, standing against the superheroes to put their identity out.

You will love this show but unfortunately going to hate the superheroes.

Here is the trailer:

Mozart in the Jungle

A story of a drunk musician who is great by his talent and hired to conduct the New York Symphony.

He is little crazy by his skill and no-one of like him is their anymore. This drama show is really something extra you have ever watched.

Here is the trailer:


A series shows the life of a memoryless lady, I mean who had lost her memory and now in try to make her new life.

She not even remember her name and is in shock with some hazy pictures roaming in her brain.

Here is the trailer:


An animated series as of Bojack Horseman which will take you to an amazing story of a time-traveling.

A young 28-year lady got an accident and after that, she was able to see her father teaching her how to time travel.

He wants her daughter go back to time and change everything, His death.

The graphics are well and with that the story too.

Here is the trailer:

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