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Top 5 Netflix series and movies that going to release in August

The lockdown has been extended due to the COVID 19 and there are only a few ways to fight the boredom, as streaming on online platforms.

So I think to help you by telling you the names of the blockbusters that are going to release in August and will make your weekend cool.

Here is the list of top five blockbusters that are going to release in August.

The Kargil girl

This movie starring Jahnvi Kapoor as the lieutenant. She is with Srividya Ranjan as they were the first Indian female commander pilots of Indian airforce.

Moreover, They were controlling the combat tiny IAF Cheetah helicopter in the famous and the biggest Kargil war of India.

Project Power

This story of this movie depends on the mysterious pill that gives some temporary superpower to humans.

Furthermore, as the condition comes back to normal that person loses all their normal abilities, and later they died.

A cop forms a team with his friends to investigate the source so they can stop them from producing and distributing those pills.

This movie will be available to stream on your weekend from 14 August 2020 on Netflix.

Spiderman homecoming

This action movie is available to watch from 2 August. It receives a rating of 8.1 on IMDb and 95% on rotten tomatoes.

This movie is one of the finest production of the famous superhero production hub Marvel.

Moreover, this movie has the finest and the most lovable superhero of marvel production.

The most amazing part of this movie is, iron man will return to teach peter parker and give him a suit.

First man

This historic drama film is directed by Damien Chazelle. It receives a rating of 7.3 on IMDb and 86% on rotten tomatoes.

This story depends on Neil Armstrong, a scientist in Nasa.

She was selected in the Apollo mission of Nasa and become the first man to step on the moon. 

This movie is a motivational one about how much a person does to selected as a NASA scientist and their work in Nasa.

Moreover, this movie is available to stream from 7 august 2020.

Class of ’83

This movie has a famous Bollywood personality as the producer of the film Shahrukh khan.

Moreover, This movie depends on the book named the power of 83 by Hussain Zaidi.

It was based on the life of a policeman Dean Vijay Singh was converted into a tutor afterward.

This movie will be available to stream in August as it has not been decided yet.

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