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5 Shows and Movie which you not know that cast of Harley Quinn was in!

The craziest character of DC Universe along with Joker, Harley Quinn is one of the mind-blowing actings been ever seen on screen.

Although firstly she was seen in the Batman movie, The batman animated series 1962, From there this character stared her journey.

After that it being seen in the movie Batman in 1989 and furthermore in more movies by it.

Over the screen, we had seen that Harley Quinn being always in the thrust of Joker and wanna join him to rule on Gotham city.

Although there is a lot of other movies and series where the cast of Harley Quinn been seen, Have a look at 5 of them:

1) Michael Ironside – Starship Troopers

A 1997 movie based on fight with aliens, Here the aliens were in a plan to destroy the earth and a mobility group was standing as a concrete wall for them.

This movie generated a good amount of revenue and we see Michael Ironside, the cast who lends his malevolent vocals to Darkseid in Harley Quinn.

2) Tom Hollander – Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 & 3

Pirates of The Caribbean known to be one of the greatest movies. It is a big hit all over the globe and is made in different languages.

Although we see tom Hollander as Alfred Pennyworth, The best and trusted fan of Batman friend Butler in it.

In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, he is known for the cruelest Guy of East India company.

3) Alfred Molina – Spider-Man 2

Spiderman oldest villain Doctor octopus, Alfred Molina. He had played most of the role in his career and In Harley Quinn, He was in the character of MR freeze.

Moreover, Talking about his acting then mostly he played the role of a crazy doctor or a scientist.

And being one of the top villains that being remembered by the world.

4) Jason Alexander – Seinfeld

Have you remember Sy Borgman in Haley Quinn, Oh I think you would be.

He had played some of the amazing roles in different movies Seinfeld is one.

Over here in this series, he had played the role of Landlord who was actually a government agent.

Although, as of his acting, He would be with the name George Costanza for millions of people.

Moreover, he was selected for the Emmy award for his acting George.

5) Wanda Sykes – Black-Ish

Known for the person in the list of top 25 funniest people in America. Wanda Sykes had made her carrier over the 3 decades.

She was in the role of mysterious Queen of Fables in Harley Quinn movie.

Moreover recently she appears in series back-ish recently and being popular.





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