The most natural-looking actor of money heist

Miguel Herran, who has played the role of young hacker Rio in the Netflix series Money Heist is the most suitable and natural-looking actor in the series.

He is One of the most lovable characters of this series is Miguel Herran. He has played the role of a hacker who wins the heart of the viewers.

Because of his dialogue delivery time, his acting skills and his looks and personality are just perfect for this role as he was born for it.

He has appeared first time in the Indian add industry in the year 2015

About the series

Money heist is a criminal mastermind thriller series, includes a group of the criminal having certain abilities which were lead by a professor.

It receives a rating of 8.4 on IMDB, 93% on rotten tomatoes, and 96% viewers of google have ranked up this series.

Those nine members of the criminal group have nothing to lose and are master in their work they are connected and joined by the professor.

Recently Netflix has announced that they are going to launch the fifth and the final season of their drama series money heist.

This show has received a fan following from all over the world which makes this series to be very famous and popular.

About Miguel Herran

Miguel Herran has made a huge fan following nowadays after the release of money heist by his good acting skills and his personality.

But many of us don’t know that Miguel Herran has appeared in the adds from the year 2015 and he was struggling in the industry since 2015.

He appeared firstly in the advertisement of the app gaana with the supporting Pia Bajpai in the add of The two actors who were traveling in the metro as strangers and become friends by loving the taste of music they were listening to.

Miguel Herran has a very important role in the series money heist as he was the hacker. The series helps the professor by cracking the digital locks.

He was the only one in the series who knows the patterns and he also controls the entry and exit plan of the team.

When he was arrested by the Panama police then the motive of the professor has shifter to rescue him instead of robbing the bank.

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