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3 of the best movies and series on media to stream now

Media is always a good source of content for movies and series to show on the screen. A lot of times we saw the news channel in the movies.

It is a core thing to show the story, but things went far when the whole movie being made on it.

The way to represent the breaking news and the backstage rush was unknown to the audience.

Movie creators think of bringing the reality of it one screen and thus it was being popular and well-liked by the audience.

People were shocked by watching the unknown thing about media they regularly watch and things went popular.

Some movies like “Spotlight”, it was on the media, and received a good number of precious awards and loved by the audience.

Although Now, I am going to list some of the best movies and series on media you can watch:

1)The post

This movie is about betting your everything for the job and more than of, the truth.

Meryl Streep as Kay Graham, the first editor of the well known American news has putten her whole efforts for exposing the truth behind the Vietnam war and the hand of the USĀ  government in it.

The movie was released in 2017 and won plenty of awards. Box office collection was also in good numbers.

You can watch it on Amazon and on HBO.

2)The Morning show

It’s a 2019 series of Appletv+ which gives a glimpse of the life of Morning show hoster. Here it cast the most known lady of series, Jennifer Aniston.

Here a co-anchor of the news channel being fired in the case of sexual abuse and assault.

The story is fascinating and shows the real face of the issues felt by the news hosters. The scenes behind the screen, and what the stuff being faced by the members.

You can watch it on Apple tv+.


An academy award winner movie featuring some of the brilliant cast members as Mark Ruffalo.

This movie is based on a true story of reveling the scandals of child molestation practices in the local church.

Furthermore, A group of a best-investigating journalist tears the curtain of wrong faith from the church and reveals the case.

Moreover, it is a story of The Boston Globe of Roman Catholic priests in the Boston area.











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