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A Blockbuster strikes in Kashmir, Ertuğrul

By the exploitation of people by Arab warriors in Kashmir. After the 40 years of exploitation, it hooked by a Turkish hero. Hero’s son founded the ottoman empire.

It was founded 800 hundred years ago and This television drama has conquered Pakistan. It has also produced a good ransom from the Turkish people.

The Dirilis series has won the approval that they can broadcast this series all over the world.

Impact of Ertuğrul on Muslims 

This series is prepared for viral Islamophobia and is shocking in some scenes.

Like in the scene of the series we have seen that they say, any type of cinema or movie is haram in Islam.

This series says partly lies for the young Kashmiri teens to make them follow their Islamic culture or idioms.

However, this series is generally made to give a positive impact on Muslims to make them a stereotype depiction in western things.

This series also shows a huge impact on the educated and teenagers of Kashmir. Over here it tells them about the glorious past of Islam.

Netflix and YouTube are also fond of presenting these types of series because of their good rating. As we have seen the series, games of thrones, it also was super hit and has a great rating on Google.

Games of thrones also have some of the scenes which are based on the tragic life of Kashmir.

The  Kashmiri media is also aware of the propaganda and the roots of the exploitation of people connected to the Turkish group.

Moreover, many of the Muslim teens are unable to see the difference between series Ertugrul and Game of thrones.

Like Ertugrul is said to be based on the real events that may have been occurred in the past. Although on the other hand Game of thrones is a frictional fantasy and porn based series.

For the student, the battle scene in the series Ertugrul is motivational and inspires them about Islam. It says about how much they have suffered in the past.

Social impact of Ertuğrul

This series has both a good and bad impact on the Muslim community.

Moreover, as of the social media, Many Muslims are changing their profile picture to Islamic heroes.

Many young Muslims think that their Islamic hero’s stories are not preserved and there is no record about them.

Many of them even taking the wrong steps to promote their culture and fight back for the things which may happen in the past.


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