New Star-Branded Streaming Service by Disney in 2021

Already having a streaming service in India Disney+Hostar, Disney is planning to launch a new streaming service.

The plan is to launch the service with a name Star brand in 2021. It would be a new general entertainment streaming service.

The launch will be on the globe and the whole world can take benefit from it.

As per the information by Disney CEO Chapek, This new service will bring the content from the various platform.

The including platform would be 20th Century Studios, ABC Studios,  Freeform, Searchlight, Fx, and Fox Television.

These all will help in providing new and emerging content to it, You say it would be a mixture of different services.

Moreover on this matter, There being no more information is there and Disney star India has cleared up to this only.

Words by CEO of Disney, Chapek

The CEO of Disney Chapek said that this service will be totally connected with disney+ in many countries.

It simply means for an Indian audience that it would be a part of Disney+Hostar.

Although already having the shows of 20th Century Studios, ABC Studios,  Freeform, Searchlight, Fx, and Fox Television on Disney+Hostar the things really not make sense.

Furthermore, there are services like Hulu which features the same thing, so it would be much better of expanding it.

Although, Asking the question of it to Chapek the reply was, Hulu is not known outside the US and Uk and there is no identity of it.

The contents available on Hulu are not owned and are taken from other services. The star brand would be having its own owned content.

Additionally, Chapek said that  “We want to mirror the successful Disney+ strategy by using our Disney+ technical platform, rooting it in content that we already own, and distributing it under a successful international brand that we also already own, which is, of course, Star, and then bringing it to market in a very close association to Disney,”.

This new star platform will release in 2021 all over the globe excluding the US. Although there is no much information about it to share, and as the things will clear and open we will try to let you know.

Information is taken from Gadgets360


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