5 Best Japanese movies on Netflix in August 

If you have seen the new exciting release in July on Netflix like a hit samurai film or a road trip of the owner with his cat.

Then there is more surprise for you this August because something same going to be there.

I mean August is also following the same excitement of the viewers by its most awaited films.

August will be the most heated month of this summer for you because of these; you will not be able to spend much time outside.

Although, I am going to list some of the 5 best Japanese movies which are going to release in August.

Love and honor

This 2006 drama film has won many awards and receives a ranking of 7.7 on IMDb and 80% on rotten tomatoes.

In this film, Shinnojo Mimura is a samurai who has a duty of tasting food which was prepared for the lord. 

He wants to open a kendo school but he became blind by eating some bad food. He then becomes worse and his wife has to struggle a lot. She has to get back the honor and reputation of the family.

Boukyaku no Sachiko

This is an emotional tragic series that was released in 2018.

After she gets rejected by her fiance on her wedding day and she has to face many issues. She was having to face the Tont of society and ignorance of her friends.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles 

This drama film is based on the novel “The Travelling Cat Chronicles”. This book liked by 94% of its readers and this movie receives a rating of 7 on IMDb.

In this film, the lead role has to find a new home for his cat. The reason was that she was not accepted by the neighbors and it makes it funny.

Intentions of Murder

This 1964 drama movie receives a rating of 7.8 on IMDb. This movie is based on the treatment of women.

Furthermore, Sadako and Riichi’s life after marriage was not a happy one as Sadako has to marry the Riichi’s (servent of Sadako). It was under the condition he has to accept the child of Sadako as she was pregnant before marriage.

They are just taking care of their marriage until one day when a robber breaks into the house when she was alone.

The insect woman

This 1963 comedy-drama film receives a rating of 7.5 on IMDb and 86% on rotten tomatoes.

Moreover, This film tells about a lady name Tome who was born in a lower middle class or poor family and she fights to become rich and to overcome her poverty.


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