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Good news for the lovers of money heist

Good news for the lovers of money heist
Money heist

Money heist is a criminal mastermind thriller series. It includes a group of the criminal having certain abilities that were lead by a professor.

It has a rating of 8.4 on IMDB, 93% on rotten tomatoes, and 96% viewers of google have ranked up this series.

Moreover for an overview, the series includes nine members of the criminal group who have nothing to lose. These guys are masters in their work they are connected and lead by the professor.


Netflix has announced that they are going to launch the fifth season of their drama series money heist.

It is absolutely fascinating news for the money heist series lover that the 5th season would be there on-screen even in this pandemic.

Netflix had renewed their policy for the popular Spanish heist drama named money heist for the final fifth season.

The streaming platforms have confirmed this news by their social media handles.

Netflix tweet

Netflix has given this news by a tweet, it was by posting the picture of  Dalí mask, broken and lying over the ground.

The best thing about this post was, it was having a caption that relates the good news with the same hand the mask.

The caption posted over there was, “Do you have your mask ready? You require the mask one last time, as season five of money first has confirmed”.

About season 5

According to a news money heist season, five will consist of a total of 10 episodes and in the last episode, the whole story will come to an end by the arresting of the real criminal.

Moreover, Talking for the final season Alex Pina said, that we have spent almost one full year thinking about the end of the series with the destruction of the band and to put the professor on the ropes.

He also concluded that how can we bring out the characters from the irreversible condition that have created in the series.

The result will be declared in the fifth season of La Casa de Papel. Moreover, things would be destructive and would be at an extreme level.

As of the season will be the most interesting and the most epic as compared with all the five seasons of the money heist.

Allover, Money Heist has been loved by the viewers for its comedic elements, feminist themes, and an addictive story which creates millions of fans of this series.

Release date

The release date is not yet confirmed but e have at least the confirmation for the next season.

So now we have to wait for the final date announcement for the final and the last season of money heist.

Moreover, we have another good news that money heist season five shooting has been started.


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