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Top 5 best movie for you if you are in love with movie Parasite

The Oscar-winning film directed by Bong Joon-ho’s is an awesome action thriller movie that has mostly unpredictable scenes.

If you love this movie Parasite than you will love these five movies for their unpredictable action and thriller.

Here are similar movies:

House of games

This action thriller is directed by American director David Mamet which receives a rating of 7.3 on IMDb and 96% on rotten tomatoes.

Moreover, In this movie, the director has played with the dialogues but it looks good in that film. 

In this movie, a psychiatrist helps his patient to pay his gambling debt by playing the games of the patients.


The last seduction

This film is the example of one of the best neo-noir erotic thriller films which were directed by John Dahl. It receives a rating of 7 on IMDb and 94% on rotten tomatoes.

Linda Fiorentino, the main lead role of the film has stolen the 700,000 dollars of her husband. Her husband had received it from drug business and makes realize that this is her master plan.


The fool

This Russian drama film which was directed by Yuri Bykov is one of the best of his production. This Movie receives a rating of 8 on IMDb and 93% on rotten tomatoes.

Moreover about the story, Dima, a plumber who was called to check a damaged pipe however he gets to know that the building is going to collapse anytime so by keeping this in mind how he arranges everything.

Allover, For his fascinating acting, he has won the best actor award at Locarno International Film Festival.


The Handmaiden

This erotic thriller film directed by a Korean director Park Chan-wook receives a rating of 8.1 on IMDb and 91% on rotten tomatoes.

Although, This movie is not less than suspense and shocking as every movie of Park Chan-wook consists. 

Moreover, This film is completely filled with the desire of a man who plans with one of his friends to seduce a beautiful woman who was out of his estate.


Kind Hearts and Coronets

This British comedy film was directed by Robert Hamer. It receives the maximum rating of 100% on rotten tomatoes and on IMDb it receives a rating of 8.

Moreover, This movie has ruled its era of release as this features bug names like Joan Greenwood, Valerie Hobson, Alec Guinness, etc. Total nine best stars of the time to perform a drama based on the novel Israel.

Over here, A physio man who is involved in a murder and becomes a criminal he can do anything for his love of comedy.

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