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Quick availability of films on streaming platform

  • AMC and universal theatres agree to let the movies to be available on the digital streaming platform sooner than before.
  • Now films have to be in theatres only for three weeks after that they will be available on rentals.


AMC theatres and universal studios have done an agreement in which dramatically and shorten movies have to be present in theatres for three weeks before it can be sold on rentals like Amazon, Netflix, or iTunes.

AMC has its movie rental service, they are down for 3 weeks till the movie will hit blockbusters in studios.

This agreement will Mark a new window in the era of the film industry. As of before, there are 70 to 90 days taken by a film to be available on movie rentals.

This gap is considered too long as new movies are available every week. Now this agreement will help to increase the income of the film and platforms.

Universal Studios now offers the video-on-demand service after the release of 17 days of the film just for 17 dollars. 

Many of the films that are put on hold due to this pandemic will now release on both the platforms, theatres, and rental platforms.

Affect on Upcoming movies

The name of the blockbuster releases which is on hold like tenet, world tour, black widow, etc. is skipped from the theatres in this lockdown.

This decision is taken by the committee member of AMC theatres and universal studios.

But now, the CEO of AMC theatres is saying that the decision of universal studios is unacceptable and we are going to ban all the movies from universal studios.

As theatres are going to reopen and settle back this statement may give a bad impact on the AMC theatres as they will not show any film of universal studio production.

As the statement of universal studios States that video-on-demand service. All the services will provide the movie at 17dollars to 20 dollars. It will uncut the tickets for theatres.

Although, Viwers still have to wait for approx 70 days to 90 days for their movie. There would be a price drop afterward.

Right now the fight is only between the AMC theatres and the universal studios. The universal studios have the right that they can launch any film earlier on their platform.

Most of the big studios like Disney, Sony, Paramount, etc haven’t try to negotiate with the universal studios for their rights.

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