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The top 5 best movies of Olivia de Havilland

The actress Olivia de Havilland has won two Oscar in her lifetime and has experienced a  vast journey in the film industry.

Olivia De Havilland, who died at the age of 104, has done some of the top Hollywood films which are forgettable.

Her Oscar-winning performance for playing the role of a simple woman in the film “The Heiress” is amazing. In this movie, she suffers from the heartbreak as she was in love with a golddigger. She later turns it way and takes a new phase in the form of revolution.

Although, Here I am listing her best 5 films in which she will definitely steal your heart with performance.

The dark mirror 

This American physiological film directed by Robert Siodmak, released in the year 1948.

In this film, Olivia has the role of twin sister in which one sister is a psychopath and the other one is normal.

This film becomes more suspicious when they have to solve the mystery of the murdered neighbor done by one of them.

You can stream it on Amazon Prime.

The Snake Pit

This drama film was directed by an American director Anatole Litvak and was released in the year 1948.

This movie is based on the condition and the state of mental patients. In this movie, Olivia listened to a voice that never exists but done a lot of distortion to her.

Her critical situation is visible in the title of the movie. Moreover, you can stream this movie on Amazon and YouTube.

Hush-hush sweet Charlotte 

This horror psychological film which was directed by American director Robert Aldrich has released in the year 1964.

This movie has a mysterious story in which Charlotte marries his loved one. Later the misunderstanding starts taking place between them and suddenly the Charlotte disappears.

This movie has a very famous tagline of ” what has happened to cousin Charlotte”. 

Moreover, You can stream this movie on Amazon, Vudu, and YouTube.

Hold back the dawn

This romantic film which was directed by American director Mitchell Leisen, released in the year 1941.

In this movie, a Romanian Gigolo plans to marry an American woman and laterally get divorced after the issuing of a green card.

But their plan fails when the Romanian Gigolo falls in the love with the American woman.

You can watch this movie on a peacock.

To Each his Own 

This romantic drama is directed by an American director Mitchell Leisen real and released in the year 1946.

This movie gets many awards like best actress award, best story award, etc.

In this story, a woman falls for a pilot during a world war. They live together till she gets pregnant and after that, the pilot gets vanished somewhere and she has to take care of the child as a single parent.

 Moreover, You can stream this movie on the peacock.

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