Home movie series What could be the reason behind Vijaya Lakshmi’s Suicide attempt?

What could be the reason behind Vijaya Lakshmi’s Suicide attempt?

What could be the reason behind Vijaya Lakshmi’s Suicide attempt?

We, humans, are although well intelligent but when it comes to sensation and emotions then everything dropdown.

We lose the fight with ourselves and hence the only thing that we can do with Us, we attempt; Suicide!

Same News is coming from Tamilnadu after the suicide of Sushant Singh, Vijaya Lakshmi, an actress in Tamil film attempted suicide.

Full Incident explained

In a shocking incident, actor Vijaya Lakshmi attempted suicide on Sunday evening. The actress was rushed to the hospital after she attempted suicide on grounds of bullying and torture.

There was a video released by Vijaya lakshmi where she says about the harassment she was facing on the internet and about the social abuse.

She had also released plenty of videos in abusing the Naam Thamizhar party leader Seeman.

Vijaya and Seeman’s rivalry

Seeman is the leader Tamil nationalist party, “Naam Tamilar Katch”. Vijay lakshmi also released a video where she accused Hari Nadar, political outfit Panankattu Padai’s member, for the harassment.

These harassments from the two political party members make her take the huge step to take her life. Vijay lakshmi also released the last video where she named it as the last video to discuss the things.

Vijaya’s last video before the suicide attempt

She said that “This is my last video. I’m saying this because you all know I’ve been extremely stressed because of the pressure from Seeman and his party”

In the video, the Kannada Bigg Boss contestant said she consumed excess BP tablets and that she would die soon. Actually, Hari Nadar abused her in front of the media, and to overcome the situation she took BP tablets in excess amount.

Vijaya’s last urge for followers

Actress Vijaya Lakshmi said that her death should serve as an eye-opener for everyone and that she doesn’t want anyone’s slave anymore.

Hari Nadar called the prostitute with an intention to abuse her. She said that she only tolerated the incidence because of her mother and sister. But she couldn’t do it anymore so she decided to suicide. She requested her fans not to spare Seeman. (Sign of a brave lady)

She also asked her fans to ensure they do not get bail.

Vijaya Laksmi is admitted to a private hospital and she is undergoing treatment.

Will she get justice?

Vijaya Lakshmi released several videos in which she is directly targeting the leaders of Naam Thamizhar Party leader Seeman and Hari Nadar. She was harassed by the 2 politicians.

The actress goes to Facebook and tells what she intended to be her last message before taking the excess BP tablet that led to her death. She even urged her fans to mark for her justice what she felt when she was harassed by two men.

This however is not the first time that she made allegations of harassment against her. In February she accused Seeman of cheating after promising to marry her



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