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Two Films is on Shooting in this Lockdown by Amid

Directors and movies are no more friends these days, things are in a breakup, and old movies are just left only.

Fear is crawling in the core of the film industry and government rules are also there to hold the things back but, There is something new!

Two movies by Amid is being shot in this lockdown with total precautions and proper care. These two are going to be on screen in a few months but before, let’s have a look at them.


This film is going to be directed by Adithya Sarpotdar and features cast members as Lalit Prabhakar, Amey Wagh, and Vaidehi Parshurami. The shooting of this movie will start next week at Latur.

Comedy Couple

This film is directed by Nachiket Samant and starring Shweta Basu Prasad and Saqib Salim.

Vice President, Siddharth Anand Kumar, Saregama, Event and people from production were supervised by COVID-19 officers to observe the hygienic and sanitation during the movie shoot.

All the safety measures were taken by the team against the COVID-19 pandemic and rules were properly followed.

Each one is responsible for every safety measure and everyone was having masks, sanitizers. The things more enhanced by the COVID-19 office for strict measures.

They had appointed personnel officers to take full responsibility for their health and to follow the rules.

Moreover, they also said that they will routinely check for slight symptoms of coronavirus and relaxation for the Yodlee film team.

Things are going well as of the return to the movie set, These things make them curious to make the film at this time.

Once Yodlee Film “Hamid” got two national awards and formed an lovable huge audience over the globe.

Yodlee plans

Before 4 months, the Yodlee Film team had conducted an audition for their Zombivali and comedy couple film.

In that audition, they were selected some eligible candidates which were perfect for the role but as of COVID things were a hindrance.

They were not wanting the idea and things to be stopped as just of these things so they have chosen to continue.

Yodlee Creations

In the last three years, the Yodlee film had produced 15 films across various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Marathi. Now they are trying to release their movies on Netflix and on Hotstar.

Recently Yodlee Movie has released on direct OTT films “Chaman Bahaar” and “Axone” Where these films gave a great feeling to sit back off.

In this film, most of the Candidates were selected through auditions conducted by them. Even though all crews and actors were sport to do this film with great precaution.

Anyway, the films were from Yodlee movies, always eager to celebrate it.

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