Romance filled franchise to get back soon in 2021:The Kissing Booth 3

In the Netflix world, we cannot talk about a cute, fussy, teen, friendship romance movies without bringing this adorable narration, “ The Kissing Booth” on our discussion table.

 It is now official that the kissing booth 3 is set to release in 2021.

Getting you this amazing scoop where this American teen drama is going to be back with its 3rd movie of the franchise.


The first 2 movies have been consumed widely by the viewers suggesting that the world wants to know how the future looks like for our very own Elle and Noah.

The first movie(2018) starts with Elle entering into a relationship with her best friend’s brother who she has a crush on…awwww, while keeping this a secret from her BFF(Lee) of course.

The plot continues with a lot of drama to Lee finally accepting the situation.

The second movie(2020) presents how life looks for the long-distance couple with Noah being away for college.

This definitely presented us with a huge J factor, which most of us relate to. 

How could I miss the hottie Marco(new joiner) who has something for our Elle but[ Spoiler Alert] sad for him, our queen realizes that Noah is the one for her. 

Sources have suggested that the filming is complete for the 3rd movie and now the same has been made official on Twitter. 

Now we know that the 2nd movie which released recently ended quite happily with our couple Noah and Elle resolving their jealousy issues and being all cutesy but it left us hanging as to which college will Elle pick? 

The situation never seems to completely resolve for Elle where she is always at the crossroads of love and friendship.

Will she go for love i.e Harvard??? Or Friendship i.e Berkley?? Even though she kind of figures out what makes her happy in life. 

Big decisions need to be made still which will impact her life.

Viewers will have to hold on their excitement and wait till 2021 for the answers. Hoping that the movie satisfies our expectation with some juicy drama. Stay tuned.

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