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Acting is a career with different dynamics and Robert Pattinson is among those actors who don’t love the acting box.

Robert pushes his acting skills making him among interesting characters in movies he casts. 

Here are some movies listed below where you can see the actual and fine acting of Robert Pattinson.

1. Harry Potter and The Goblet of   Fire- HBO Max

This high-profile role entails Robert competing for several tasks to win the award which helps him connect perfectly with the audience. 

2.The Lighthouse- Amazon Prime Video

This film is about two men who fail to strive to remain sane.

Robert Pattison uses few speeches, body movements, good facial expressions, and body language.

3.The King-Netflix

It is an epic film on William Shakespeare’s plays about Henry V and Henry IV.

The supporting role by Robert as a Dauphin of France makes the movie eye-catching as he is funny and psychotic.

4.The Twilight Saga – Amazon Prime Video

Edward Cullen who is Robert draws a woman who later discovers that Edward’s family are vampires. 

The role played by Robert Pattinson automatically makes one love him during the series as a vampire and human.

5.Damsel – Hulu

Robert assumes the role of Samuel in this film and undertakes a mission of rescuing and proposing to a woman.

The embodiment of this character by Robert with a flair for comedy makes it worth watching him.

6.The Lost City of Z- Amazon

The film is an adventure drama and Robert’s role as a loyal companion to Hunnam features him as an intelligent man.

7.Map To The Stars- Netflix

Pattinson acts as a limousine driver struggling as a writer and actor and brings out of the sane character perfectly.

8.Cosmopolis-Amazon Prime Video

 A man scheduled to visit the president meets, Robert in his journey who voids emotions making Robert an existing character.

9.Water For Elephants- HBO

Robert plays as a sincere, kind, and gentle Jacob; his tender character roots for anyone to love this movie.

10.Good Time- Netflix

Robert’s belief in helping his brother prompts him to commit selfish crimes making the film interesting.

11.High Life- Amazon Prime

The role done by Robert as a father saving his baby stirs emotions in this film.

12.Remember me- Showtime

Robert’s angsty performance in this film makes him a character to love in films he casts.

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