Movie theaters getting sanitize and a classy look as they are going to reopen

Most blockbusters movies like star wars, tenant are placed on hold till the situation gets back to normal as this movie will bring business back to theatres.

Theatres are getting sanitized with the help of ultra-violet rays in place of sanitizers or fog, as they will cause the surface to look dense or costumers may feel uncomfortable.

“As no customer will like to sit on a wet seat” statement recorded by the Owner Green filed Garden Cinemas.

After the months of darkness, the big screens are now going back to light in the third phase of reopening plans. 

But as per the concern because of COVID 19, the authorities have decided that the customers will be limited to 25 at one time only not more than that and they can not buy any of the refreshments like popcorn or cold drink in the theatres.

This will help the owner of open theatres and small theatres too, as this will bring the income to them in this pandemic situation.

Mass replied to this ” that we are not making any type of income or profit through this decision as we are although paying to the employees in the lockdown, this will only help us to get in less loss. But we will lin loss at this time too.

” We will try to keep the traditional look of the theatre’s alive until the situation gets back to normal” he concluded this too.

We are not expecting a lot of traffic in our theatres but some movies that may give us boost and we don’t have any expectations, we are just watching how things will go.

Amherst Cinema

Most theatres are having a holding off as per the corona concern like Amherst Cinema says that they will not open till September.

AMC Theaters says that they in doubt that remain in business and not sure about the future that will they do.

The state of Massachusetts has allowed the theatres to reopen this month but under some rules and regulations that will keep crowds and profits down.

We are keeping a tradition of theatres alive and you can’t be on Netflix for your life as there is nothing like watching tenet and upcoming blockbusters on big screens.

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