LGBTQ stories will now available on Hellmark channel

As the holidays of Christmas are coming close to us, the Hallmark channel will line up with the LGBTQ videos as a miracle of Christmas.

As per an idea, 40 new movies are going to broadcast in these holidays and every movie will be available with one of the taglines of the LGBTQ storyline.

Producers are saying that they doing active negotiations and more information will be provided as soon as possible.

This announcement has come after the criticization done by the channel of LGBTQ for a Christmas movie that has a lack of inclusion.

The Hallmark answered to the frustrated viewers that now every new film of hallmark will reflect the demands for better LGBTQ videos.

George Zaralidis the Vice President of network publicity has written an email to the Hellmark production to clarify their intentions and their top priorities.

As a reply from Hellmark, they said we are just focusing to make some of the exiting content in the upcoming months.

We are planning to include the LGBTQ story taglines, some new characters, and actors that will help us to make great content.

Zaralidis concluded that Hellmark is going is computing to create new content where all can feel welcome.

As the LGBTQ audience is urging the Hellmark to adopt the inclusion initiatives the channel is pulling back the four new commercial ways to overcome these.

Since the channel has reframed its dedication to the films and shows.

“Diversity is our priority and we are focusing to produce some great programs which will hit the heart of the audience and they will include the LGBTQ video and their team” this statement is passed by one of the spokespeople of Hellmark.

The countdown is going to hit the holiday of Christmas as the season is going to start from October 23.

The season will start with 23 new movies with the storyline of LGBTQ videos that are now going to debut is available on hallmark sister’ s channel.

But the hallmark movies and the mysteries, action and thriller films are going to start from October 23, 17 new movies are releasing this year.


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