Will ‘365 days’ movie will break the record of the most streamed movie

365 days are in the top movie on Netflix that had been streamed this much. Being a regular user of Netflix then you must know that the film 365 days hold position 1 for many months.

365 days have now become the most-streamed movie of the year 2020. The reason behind the popularity is the incredible acting skills shown by actors and the mixture of a good story and tremendous directing skills. 

Here’s a list of the records that have accomplished by this movie in the year 2020:

  • 365 days is ranked on the topmost streamed movie list in the year 2020.
  • This movie has also achieved the title of the top movie to stream in June on Netflix.
  • 365 days now become the 3rd most-streamed movies on Netflix era. As this movie has just two milestones ahead “Me” and “Angry birds 2”.
  • This movie has spent a total of 12 days on the top of the list.
  • 365 is the only one to knock it’s a position to number 1 for continuously 10 days.

This movie has made our summer a little bit better from the worst, So giving the title of best summer movie of the year would not be wrong.

This film has completed the achievement of being in the top 10 films for regularly 42 days Which made a huge success for this film.

From the very first day, this film was available to stream on Netflix and has made progress of 200 points every day.

further, this movie crossed an average of approx 9.2 from 10 and this is a huge achievement for a new film.

This film also has the best track record that has ever performed by a new film. 

365 days have also faced some ups and downs in July. As this movie has sloped down to the top 20 movies in the list till July 20 but after July 20 this movie comeback to its position in the list of top 10 movies.

Now, what would you say about it, whether this movie will come on the top 1 ranking by falling back the movies Me and Angry birds 2?

Yes or no!

Although, This movie is breaking all the records and has made it’s placed in the best top 3 movies ever streamed on Netflix.


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