Kaiya McCullough-the Chamber of Fandom Secrets

Kaiya McCullough has a strong opinion on the Percy Jackson movies, which was adapted from a series of the same name.

She said immediately “They were too old in the movie” and “the character does not look like as usual and they are forced to romance with Percy and Annabeth fastly.

And that wasn’t that in the book”.

She herself stopped at this point and summed the movies that were only made for the theaters.

McCullough is a magic fan, a superpower fan, mythology fan and she likes a lot of things in this field.

The profession of McCullough is a pro athlete and has her own fandoms, and also she likes Harry Potter, Avatar, and Disney- not the movies its books.

When she launches the videos at her YouTube, she mentions most of the video that it was taken at a hotel `Washington Spirit’.

Over the phone she says, she has the hope to put posts and talk about her interests, she was looking for teammates to work together and makeup tutorials.

Alright, now she is going to complete her Avatar. The Legend of Korra after watching it she gets serious about the Soccer.

Although she is considered to be an NWSL streaming partner and she got a free account.

In the lessons of the adult view, she says that “she loves the concept of The Last Airbender, which includes so many different cultures”. Kindly she laughs herself internally.

By hearing lol she will laugh loudly and also she laughs at Avatar in certain lines of the character. She thinks it was so funny and the characters were incredible.

Her parents try to control themselves because her daughter has the ability to blend on this planet.

Her favorite character was Prince Zuko’s. She says that she wants to prove her honor and wants to restore it.

She wants to prove people wrong and wants to show herself the honor right.

Basically she loves the character which is deeply human and has some superpower ability.

She likes Thor Marvel Cinematic Movie(MCU) because Thor was the godfather of thunder and the rest of his emotions and sentiment.

In End Game Thor got laziness with superpower because of the death of his friends thought he has a superpower, he shows a real human emotionally honest reaction.

Thus she says many different matters about different characters.

Perhaps she would put them in her YouTube channel and definitely she has more opinion hereafter.

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