The top 5 worst comedy movie ever produced by Disney+

Disney is a well-known platform for producing great films as well as a tremendous list of series.

As we all know that Disney has a huge amount of content and So, I am gonna list some of the worst movies ever produced by Disney+.

When Disney says that they are transferring their all content to Disney+, as this means that a lot of content will come out of the box of Disney. And we can check out the actual pieces of stuff.

As humor varies from person to person, So there are more chances to get the production of the worst films.

So from the bunch of worst comedy movies, I am listing some movies over here:


1) A Kid In King Arthur’s Court

This film is declared as the combination of poor writing, acting, and directing skills which makes the film worst as it only gets the 5% likes of its viewers. 

This film is based on King Arthur’s court when a modern-day boy gets trapped in time and delivered to King Arthur’s court.


2) Old Dogs 

This film has such minor humor that film should not be called as a comedy film. 

The movie starring such big personalities like John Travolta and Robin Williams, who having a huge following and incredible acting skills but they are also unable to save the film.


3) Kazaam

The experts have claimed that this movie has very poor writing skills, and a sort of lazy humor, bad directing, and 3D effects used in the film are already outdated at that time.

As this movie looks like an attempt of O’ Neal the rapping genie in the film to record the poor raps throughout the whole movie. 


4) Meet the Deedles

The experts concluded, ” this movie as a comedy movie is like the alive fish out of pond”. This movie faces too difficult to launch that we can’t think of.

This 1998 family comedy film in which a couple gets stuck in jungles and finding out ways to get survive in that.

This movie needs some sort of humor as the humor in this movie is tends to zero only.


5) Blank cheque

This movie is like a kid’s dream come true. Where an Eleven-year-old find a cheque with gives him a million dollars. Then he went mad on spending those million dollars on whatever he wants. 

This film has barely one scene of laugh that the whole film is a nightmare of a boy. 


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