Netflix Shakes Indians Matchmaking by Matchmakers

Indian Match Making(2020) is an Indian reality show of television series.

On this show, a group of NRI children was included in this program by aunty Sima Taparia. She guides Indian and US people into Arranged Marriage.

Of Course, they are pleasing all of them into the arranged marriage but white peoples said there was no connection with Indian arranged marriage and their culture.

No one guesses that it was streaming across the world on all of their devices.

So aunty says all Desis want to follow the Indian culture which regardable to her video.

In Netflix the video streams by a pullback. Twitter gets divided due to the different tweets for this one.

Really many of them were ashamed in this show and levels get divided like sexism and classism.

Constantly Aparna tweeted that she is going to view all episodes of this show.

Some people hope the series of Indian Matchmaking will ultimately suit for an arranged marriage.

Though this Matchmaking show makes the world to think of how crazy the country India Is.

But the whole thing was white people had no idea about the crazy fellows in India. All peoples have a massive role in arranged marriages.

Netflix is streaming this show globally to know the world about south Asian culture among the peoples.

Usually aunty Swapna was a client for NRI to make arrangements between India and she decided to start the show knowing the whole world.

The culture and character of our society are to noses if anyone advises another person.

Though Netflix took this stream to know the world.

Openly aunty Swapna says that India has a big Bollywood family and marriage should be based on sexism and classism beyond the Indian Culture.

And she herself added, there will not be any marriage on parental pressure after this show.

Netflix charges for this Indian Match Making series and it will not be ignorable for wishes to watch it.

Up to now, there are 8 episodes has released and streaming on Netflix

Though on this pandemic this show got bad reviews and very low popularity globally.

Here’s the link to watch the trailer of Indian Match Making:


And the link for you to stream this on Netflix :


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