Antonio Sabato Jr. going to Launch his own ‘conservative movie studio’

Antonio Sabato Jr. recently Tweeted that he’s starting a new business.

The 48-year-old actor Antonio Sabato Jr. Declared on Thursday that he is going to set up a new business.

He declared on Twitter that he’s going to make a “conservative studio” and his plans are to take projects that other studios “would never” take. 

He wrote, “we are planning to create a conservative movie studio for all movies that Hollywood would never accept”. 

Antonio Sabato also proclaimed his support of President Donald Trump from 2016 as he was the first from the film industry to support President in 2016. 

Since he was blacklisted in Tinseltown from 2016 and he lost out several projects in Hollywood because of this reason.

Words of Antonio Sabato Jr. for Donald Trump

He also said that ” he was the very first celebrity to come in open support of President Donald Trump.

His vote is always with Donald Trump from the first day” Sabato explained this in the variety of March. 

“I was the first from the film industry who said he will going to win. My integrity was truly intact. My faith is still unchanged.

I’m stronger than ever, as I don’t have to lie for what I am. He also proclaimed that “if the things don’t break you will they make you stronger”.

Antonio Sabato also said that ” Supporting trump has terminated my whole career in Hollywood. He described that he has to sell everything to pay his debts.

“I was blacklisted” he was left by all his supporting hands, from my agents to my managers to my commercial market.

He said he had to leave everything and move to find a new job to take care of my family.

He also concluded that it’s very tough to stand. If you are living in the environment in which you can not stand for yourself and you can’t oppose them if you try to then they’re going to let you know.”

“I’m on the ground,” Sabato said that he has seen various ups and downs in his life. He concluded that he had to go on a job at 2 of night.

He has to check that the work will be supervised and governed by me. My life is limited to my car for five days, driving through the sites.

For five days I have no life for myself.


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