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“1980’s” a set for the horror movies


1980, has become extremely popular as a set of most horror movies since 2000 And now  in this article I am going to reveal the secrets behind it:

From 1980, the horror movies are gaining popularity among the viewers. Mostly every year a new horror movie or series released which features the haunted story of 1980.

In starting 2000, the horror movie’s started having a plot based in 1980 and has gained intense popularity.

There is a fact also behind this immensely popular 1980s, the haunted story is the number of horror movies and serials released in the 1980s. 

As per my knowledge, more than 50 horror movies and series launched in the 1980s.

The top-rated movie which relates 1980 to a haunted decade:

The famous name of the movie from that decade which you might have seen, The shinning (1980), The thing (1982), Aliens (1982), etc.

In 2009, The horror of the Devil was directed by Ti West. This movie gives a reference to the 1980s slasher that was occurred in real at that time.

In 2015, The final Girls directed by Todd Strauss Created a self tragic story of an abnormal character as a final girl.

In 2016, The popular sci-fi horror series named as, The Stranger things streamed on Netflix featuring a nostalgia-based journey of 1980.

The most streamed movie of 2017 is IT, this movie was directed by Andy Muschietti’s. Featuring the looser’s club of 1989 and their fight with a dancing clown.

In 2018 also, Summer of 84 as it has been cleared by the name. It was based on the story of the year 1984.

This movie is a spy movie in which a group of teenagers solves the mystery.


Reasons behind the 1980s to become so popular in Horror movies!

The horror shows real-life crimes of the 1980s and has substantiated that time as the worst and haunted time of the decade.

In search of, That’s incredible, secrets and mystery, these are some of the decent shows from the list of 50+ haunted shows of that decade.

The woods centric movies of the 1980s like Evil dead. Had become immensely popular among youngsters of that time.

Scream, directed by Cravens in 1996.

It settles the nostalgia for its fans and gets a platform to settle the movie that can depend on past decades to make it a little bit more interesting.

Ultimately 1980, is settled as the popular haunted platform provider for the movies just because of some movies, news, crimes, and others.

Now, the horror community welcomes this.


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