Is “Tenet” would be there this summer after a long wait

We are eagerly waiting for the film “Tenet”, directed by a famous name in the film industry Christopher Nolan’s. 

Christopher Nolan has given a lot of films to Hollywood where dark night, Inception, and Interstellar are some gems from him.


Tenet is a spy movie, with awesome details in scenes and breathes taking action in it.

Nolan has taken more than five years to write this brilliant script of spy movies and has invested a large number of 250 million dollars. 

This movie had crossed its release date twice till now and the reason is Coronavirus pandemic.

But now Nolan says that the movie will be launching in August where the world is in the middle of this pandemic.

All over the world, there are a large number of COVID infected patients, and the number of still increasing.

In COVID 19, most of the theatre has been shut down and America has a lockdown with strict rules as per government orders.

The industry says to launch this movie with more reliably and safely.

As per expert assumptions, this movie will hit the 20 million dollars in just 2 to 3 weeks if it gets launched in the theatres.

I am very eager and curious to know about, what changes can be done by the industry for the release of this film.

The cases of corona are reaching at its peak over the world and simple steps for this pandemic like wearing a mask, using sanitizers are now think as useless.

Government officials also discourage the industry by saying “for the sake of the citizen’s the theatres in many would-be closed in the release of this film”.

But never forget where Nolan is come from, he is a movie expert and has a great theatre experience.

Nolan hopes that this action movie will surely give a rise in the income of theatres and also on the streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

There is the only way in my perspective that Nolon should delay his movie till 2021 like other movies which are all set to come this year but as of this pandemic, those all get delayed.

Still, this is a laudable attempt, Nolan has only prolonged his pain. It won’t be easy, but if Hollywood hopes that the situation can be changed in just two weeks it would be interesting to watch this wonderful movie in boring time.


This film has many big personalities that have proven themselves on a big screen and have a huge fan following like John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh.

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