Good news for movie lovers in Janesville, the Movies 16’s is now set to open again

General Manager Sarah Lehr said, Viewers have been disappointed as much of the theatres we’re not open but now the Movies 16’s is all set for reopening in the fourth week of July.

Her admiring words be like “It was a rough week as they have not seen the number of audiences as they were expecting for. They need a good audience for their premier.”

She also concluded that this was a Down, down to that limit you can not even compare with other summers.

We are thinking that we may have less audience but this is just not comparable. It looks like we are in a different cosmos than anyone had ever imagined or thought of.

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to during down the costumers and their entertainment.

The things are affected both locally and nationwide.

Additionally, the number of increase in COVID 19 has slowdown, many communities efforts to reopen their services but they fail As the government is holding the lockdown for more than a month.

COVID-19 fear

While the parks are open but people have still have fear of hanging out for enjoyment. Janesville resident watches surprisingly as a bartender ready to book an island to go for Movie 16.

We were shocked that most of the people start comparing this situation with the summer of 1993.

On Tuesday night, 4 years ago a dinosaur movie was released, Before Moore was born but when he went to see that movie, he sees a thin crowd in the lobby of movie 16 and was in a fraction of 1 by 10 of the total crowd.

Along with any snack, he might bring a concession countre in 10$ with his chilled coke. The theatre’s new red carpet lounge has represented the lone of the revenue generated by the theatre in this situation.

COVID 19 is the biggest reason behind the delay in the release of major films. The film industry is suffering a lot from this.

Stars are having issues as their career is drowning down.

This main theatre chains such as the AMC theatre the big name in the film industry have closed early in this pandemic and pulled down they’re all ongoing projects and will continue after this pandemic.

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