An emotional action thriller on Netflix: ” The father soldier son”

The movie has thrilling action, love, and emotions which will give you goosebumps. This movie shows how much your parent loves you. The effect on children when they have only one parent. What they miss when they have no one to be with them, on whom they can believe. 


This movie is ready to stream on this weekend, and released on July 17, 2020, by a famous platform Netflix.

It is a documentary based on their father and his two children.

The father has to leave them when he moved to Afganistan for war. You can see an emotional tragedy in this film.

The documentary began when an unknown person reach to  Brian and asks him a question: “Was it worth it?”

Brian replied without any hesitation “yes it worth it”. But this question always lives in the core heart of the Brian family.

The film has a tragic opening statement from the-President Obama, who announced his decision to send troops to Afghanistan and the Brain was the first-class army officer and now he has to leave his children with the unthinkable burden on his family.

Brian has 2 children Isaac (12) and Joey (7).

Joey asks Isaac a question that Is it not possible that dad does not go for the war!

Isaac’s statement to joey questions with humble eyes like he wants someone to talk to share his pain “If he doesn’t do this, we’ll have bullets flying over our heads at night.” 

But Isaac admits that when his father is away, he has a burden on his shoulders of his small brother joey. 

Over the next decade, we found that Brian was pushed on a wheelchair by his children and now he throws his dream on his child to join the army. 

Issac knows this dream of his father so he joined the army wearing a family T-shirt which says “hold my trophy when I kissed your girlfriend”.

In the last scenes, we see that Brian punished Issac for joining the army, it was his right decision or proxy to the war?

Although, It has an average rating of 7 IMDb and viewers loved it so much.


The movie is directed by Leslye Davis Catrin Einhorn and mainly the story revolves on Brain.

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