One Of The Netflix Most Trendy Movie, The Perfect Date

The perfect date is the best Netflix debut and The story of it is based on an American teen romantic comedy film. 

It was released on 29th April 2019 by Netflix and is based on the novel “The stand-in” by Steve Bloom.

In this debut, the lead characters are Brookes Rattigan, a programmer Murph and a girl Celia.

Over here Brookes Rattigan and his friend programmer Murph work on a shop and they launch a fake dating app. 


They were in try to have an admission in college but due to the financial instability of Murph, Brookes suggests Murph launch an app on which they can put themself on the sale.

The story becomes interesting when Brookes and Murph came to know that Celia has a crush on Franklin. 

Then Both of them made a plan for the breakup of Celia and Franklin. How they make Celia release that Franklin was disgusting and terrifying.

The story took a turn when Brookes really falls in love with Celia.

The funny moments of the debut are when Brookes tells Celia and her father that what is correct and how much he loves Celia.

How he arranges his date just to tell the truth to Celia and rest you should find yourself after watching it. It’s quite interesting!

The amount of love for this movie can easily be calculated from the views, it has crossed 48 million views in just three weeks of release.

It has an average rating of six on IMDB.

Although this debut may don’t have a good rating but had earned and made a great fanbase. Still, in July 2020 it is watched and loved by the viewers.


The movie is directed by a famous director who gives us many blockbusters debut, Chris Nelson. Production by Matt Kaplan, John Tomko.

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