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Hallmark Channel Announced: LBGTQ Stories on Holidays 2020

As a part of 2020 Christmas, Hallmark Channel announced plans to program LBGTQ programs. Hallmark Channel is a leading entertaining channel in holidays. So this year there are LBGTQ Stories.

According to Hallmark Channel CEO Bill Abbott’s words, “the network is Open for the same Sex-Romance and also said, they would add program any type of programs in relationship space.

Though they lack diversity, Michelle Vicary President of the channel says that “It will expand their diversity”

And also he said “We are looking ahead to expand and represent the whole United States”

These types of shows will inspire very much in recent days, also they represent the same Romantic-sex show last year.

Even though these kinds of shows will act against the community on Gay sex, but peoples would like to see those even white peoples also.

But the Zola Company giving a voice against the Hallmark company through social media by calling #BoycottHallmark,

And several moms were giving petitions against “LBGTQ” content on the channel.

It’s gross and they don’t want LBGTQ audience in Hallmark channel and instead of that, they want cute romantic movies.

Hallmark is a Christian channel?

No, absolutely not, it’s not a Christian broadcasting channel. Most of their movie characters are related to Christianity.

So most of the movies encourage Christianity and they present the shows on Christmas.

By these shows, the channel makes a huge Christian fanbase on Hallmark channel, though most of the Christian moms were against LBGTQ content on the channel.

If you were a Christian and sees a two lesbian couple kissing airs in commercial Ads in Hallmark channel, You won’t be upset because both of the women are wearing a marriage dress.

And you will become upset when the Ad indicates the left women as LBGTQ mafia. It will flag anger into your heart.

So most of the parents will not show the Hallmark channel to children, they can’t say the homosexuality living in this channel.

There’ is an important point that LBGTQ mafia desires the drive into Christianity ruthlessly on Christmas.

Which affects most of the Christians unreasonably.


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