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5 Best Things about Despicable Me Movie

Despicable Me is a 2010 American 3D animated movie that was produced by Illumination Entertainment. Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud directed it, And it theatrically released on July 10, 2010.

It was a successful film by grossing 546 million with a budget of 69 million.

Here there are five best things about Despicable Me are:

1) It Proved that we could make Animation Movie with Low Budget

There are so many animation films around us, and big companies like Dream Work produced them.

All that movie’s budget is around 100 million to 200 million or above, but this movie’s budget was Just 69 million and gained such a positive response.

The studio created the Film cheaply with perfection and made out great turnouts and profit.

So they just proved that we could make good films at a low budget.

2) Affection with Kids

This animated movie made a fanbase with kids by giving output with good quality and promoting their Film.

They tuned out their characters Despicable Me and Minions by a silly and childish look, which made affection on kids.

One of the biggest examples was the minions-big eyed baby wearing an adorable little suit and the Boss Baby.

It seems silly, but it made a big affection with viewers

3) Characters and Jokes were Focused

They don’t only focus on illumination; the production mainly focused on the character and their jokes.

It entertained the audience by jokes and the bubbly character.

If it is an imaginative movie, it couldn’t handle its charm, So they buy templates to entertain by the character output and the jokes.

4) Pop Songs in Movie

Pop songs in animated movies make the movie Great. Noticeably the pop songs were a trend in the 2000s.

The pop song in the movie with a minions soundtrack made a great affection for this movie. The happy song especially charted the Film on top.

And also other productions get featured tunes for this movie with a pop soundtrack to pop us.

5) Influx Minions

When we hear about the Despicable Me movie, we suddenly think about minions – that’s their mystery.

They made us attracted to that yellowish chubby buddy, and there we can know the real effort to make that silly, chubby character.

Mainly important was that the minion was not only a slideshow, but it was also the attraction of that movie, and that made them want to make another movie.

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