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10 Memes That are Popular Than It’s Movie

Memes were more popular than their movies. People will find it hard to find the words, characters in all movies, but not the funny memes.

Here we can see the top 10 memed movies which trend globally:

10) There will be Blood

This movie was famous globally in 2007 and is a modern-classic film. It got many positive reviews.

Where the meme “ I drink your milkshake”, which was taken from the last scene.


9)The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

By comparing most of the films The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs has many good scenes.

Stars James Franco who’s character is to rob the bank. Unfortunately, he caught and hung in rope.

At that time he says “The First Time” and he becomes a punchline worldwide.


8)Race to Witch Mountain

Dwayne Johnsson became popular on Race to Witch Mountain movie which was a remake of Race to Witch Mountain(1975).

The movie got so many reviews by the “The Rock Driving” meme, where Dwayne’s reaction get popular.


7)Office Space

Office Space was released in 1999, in which the story goes with disgruntled workers and their bosses in a software company.

Where it got positive reviews because of its comedy and “That would be great” meme was fired up.



Downfall got famous in 2004 by the historical character Adolf Hitler.

Where we can see both seriousness and comedy Adolf Hitler in this film.

It was about the German War about the battle between Berlin and Hitler.

Here Hitler’s Gorgeous reaction which became a popular meme


5) Vampire’s Kiss

Vampire’s Kiss is a 1989 American film, which got moderate reviews.

The scene of Nicholas as he was a rich businessman thinks of becoming a Vampire and the tagline “You don’t say” was named globally.


4)Silent Night, Deadly Night Part ll

This film was released in 1987, which got negative reviews because of its crazy story.

One of the scenes people thinks that guy yells “Garbage day”.


Scanners is a 1981 Canadian Science-fiction horror film. It became famous for its story about scanners.

The head exploding scene meme got the movie to be famous widely.

2)The Room

The Room is a 2003 American romantic drama film, which most people dislike.

But the people can’t forget about the “Oh my Mark” meme with that guy’s reaction, which the meme is famous for crazy fellows.



1)Second Glance


Second Glance is a 2003 American novel film. Stars David. A. R

David did a great role in some scenes when they were discussing between him and Daniel. At last, he says “Jesus, Man” which is also named nowadays.


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