The Mother-Daughter Relationship of Cinemas

Mother and daughter relationships, in reality, are a gem of a relation. But in cinemas, it is described as quite different from reality.

Cinema is a believed reality for many peoples, Whatever we adapt from cinema we undoubtedly accept it as reality.

The mother-daughter relationships in movies are quite similar to reality but you can not fully agree with that.

Mother-Daughter combination in movies:

Many movies show a great combination of mother-daughter, Movies such as

1) Autumn Sonata

When talking about the mother-daughter relationship in the cinema, the first movie that comes to people’s minds is ‘Autumn Sonata’ A masterpiece by Ingmar Bergman.¬†

Autumn Sonata is a critically acclaimed movie on the mother-daughter relationship by various critics including India.

2) Ladybird 

The movie itself is the nuance of the mother-daughter relationship. It’s a great movie with actors like Saoirse Ronan as Daughter and Laurie Metcalf as a mother.

Both mother & daughter were Oscars nominees in their respective roles.

3) Terms of Endearment

Terms of Endearment is an unforgettable movie related to a mother-daughter relationship.

The bond shown in the movie between mother and daughter is heart-melting.

Movies with good mother-daughter bonding:

Every movie creates an impact on society, Very few of them are successful in delivering a positive message.

Movies with great mother-daughter bonding are more likable rather than movies which are creating a bad influence on society.

Movies with Bad mother-daughter chemistry:

Every time a mother-daughter relationship cannot be a nice thing sometimes it can be a fraught as well.

Two films that define a fraught mother-daughter relationship are:

1) Postcards from the edge

The movie stars Meryl Streep who is forced to stay with her mother which is against her will, And Drama evolves as they both spend time together in the same house.

However, This movie created a negative impact on society as disrespect of mother-daughter relationships is conveyed.

2) Mommie’s Dearest

Mommie’s Dearest is based on a book written by Christian Crawford,

The movie shows an unpleasing bonding between a mother and daughter. Moreover, the character of the mother seen in the movie is a bit too harsh and abusive.

Movies are a portrayal of real-life Somehow, Somewhat It should also convey a good and positive message for his audience.

Final verdict:

Cinema has become an alternative reality for the audience. Audiences accept positivity from a movie rather than abuse. However, The same way they demand a good mother-daughter relationship in a movie.

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