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Movies Burn Out During this Pandemic

In this Pandemic, the movie theatres being closed. But the online streaming networks were burning out by releasing movies of unreleased movies in theatres.

Especially Netflix is popping out by releasing the movie such as The Outpost movie and How do you know  ( No question Mark) movie.

So here we are gonna look at these two movies.

1) Outpost

Outpost movie is a 2020 American movie, It is a true story of American soldiers based on Afghanistan settlement.

It is directed by Rod Lurie, who became famous by the 2000 film “The Contender”.

The film plans to premiere at the 2020 south festival, but the festival was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So they released the movie in some selective theatre and on online streaming platforms.

They showed bigger faces in the film limited to Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry, Orlando Bloom.

The film was about soldiers who fought for community development, and they camped in a mountain 14 miles away from the Pakistan border And faced a constant threat of being attacked by the Taliban.

This movie says the untold story of American Valor.

Most of the scenes are captured in a dessert and in the actual area of war, so it makes things look real.

The filmmaker, a West Point graduate who served as an Army artillery officer before inexplicably becoming a movie critic, seems well at ease behind the camera. 

2) How Do You Know

How Do You is 2010 is an American romance-comedy film which was directed by James L.Brook.

Starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rood, Owen Wilson, It was shot in Philadelphia and Washington DC.

It was theatrically released on Dec 17, 2010, which is most popular now on Netflix.

The film was full of romances where Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rood who survived overnight, and Owen Wilson completed the love triangle.

Romances in the film will water us. Though there will be meetings with girlfriends and romances that will cover the entire film.

But the movie was not well performed on the screen at that time and people were criticizing it for the scenes.

Anyway, it is popping out now on Netflix, streamed by many couples.

There should be romance in this pandemic.


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