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5 New Web series that will be ready to Stream in India

There is nothing to do during the lockdown, but except one thing many are doing right now is watching shows.

With the increase in popularity of streaming services, the culture of binge-watching has become very common.

The shooting of some movies resuming but the inability to release movies in theatres is still in effect, hence there is a lot to look forward to in streaming services.

With a Bollywood movie premiering solely in amazon prime, and many other movies following this, Let us look at what to watch in the coming weeks.

Get ready to binge 

1.Shakuntala Devi: The Human Computer

This movie starring Vidya Balan is a biopic on Shakunthala Devi, an extremely gifted woman who has a knack for mathematics.

She is able to do complex math sums in a matter of seconds, at times even beating a computer, hence giving her the name The Human-computer.

The movie is expected to release on July 15 on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts is a series of movies set in the Harry Potter World but as a prequel. 

The series is said to have 3 movies, and this is the second one. Even though this is not as exciting as the harry potter franchise, its still worth the watch.

The story is set where Dumbeldore is young and after his nemesis Grindlewald, with the help of Newt, a wizard who specializes in mythical beasts.

Releases on July 15 on Netflix.

3. Dark Desire 

A Married woman spends a weekend away from home and even though her passion is reignited initially, tragedy strikes soon.

In grief, she starts to wonder about the true nature of herself and those around her after discovering her husband might be cheating on her with his assistant.

This series is said to be filled with tragedy, romance, and misfortune and is planned to be released on July 15 on Netflix.

4. Fatal Affair

A young lawyer tries to repair her marriage after going through some personal problems.

But soon things take a turn when she runs into her ex-lover who takes her attention. Soon she realizes her ex-lover isn’t all that it seems but has a dark and obsessive behavior.

The movie is a psychological thriller that contains violence and crime and is to be released on Netflix on July 16.

5. Cursed

This is a retelling of the legend of Arthur but does not focus mainly on King Arthur himself but rather on a sorceress named Nimue.

Instead of King Arthur, Nimune picks up the sword in the rock and meets a young mercenary named Arthur on a mission to save the people.

Expected to be aired on Netflix on July 17.

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