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China Taken its Steps to Reopen The Theaters

The coronavirus pandemic had started from a city of China called Wuhan, and wreaked havoc.

After causing trouble in Mainland China, it continued to spread all parts of the world.

It has been almost 9 months since the disease was discovered and continued to create chaos.

With the cases climbing, an end not in near insight.

It is safe to assume that everyone has been affected by the pandemic. The countrywide Lockdowns that have been put in place has caused trouble for many.

With the inability to go outside to the public, many services that cater to them have had to shut down.

There are huge lay-offs in many places, people are also having less disposable income for entertainment.

With the exception of Drive-in Theatres, most of the theatres are unable to host people due to the inability to maintain proper safety measures.

But recently the total number of coronavirus cases has been controlled and the government has managed to flatten the curve.

About Theaters and Reopening Date

There were rumors that these theatres would reopen soon but it was not sure. Most assumed that the theatres would open because the Shanghai Movie festival was to occur on July 25th.

If the festival is to begin on the 25th then theatres would have to be re-opened to premiere all the movies.

As of right now, theatres are only going to be opened in areas of low-risk and not with medium-risk or high-risk.

The association has said that strict will be followed to prevent the spread of the disease and regulations will be placed for the safety of people.

It has also been stated that once the theatres are handled, they will try to open theatres in medium-risk areas.

Theatres have been closed in China since mid-January. The Chinese market is considered to be the second-largest film market right after the USA. China is expected to surpass in the near future.

Without movies being run in theatres, there is expected to be a 4 billion dollar loss the BoxOffice earnings.

Many had hoped that theatres would reopen in china soon, much sooner than it would open in the US.

Shanghai had planned on reopening more than 200 theatres but quickly were canceled due to a spike in coronavirus cases.

There are multiple movies to be premiered in China, both from its local studios and ones from Hollywood.

There is going to be a re-release of many old movies such as Ford vs Ferarri and Jojo Rabbit and later new movies will be released with Mulan by Disney at the forefront.


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