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The Struggles of Movie Theater due to Pandemic Lockdown

It is safe to assume that everyone has been affected by the pandemic. The countrywide Lockdowns that have been put in place has caused trouble for many.

With the inability to go outside to the public, many services that cater to them have had to shut down. The struggles of Movie theater due to Pandemic Lockdown.

With huge lay-offs in many places, people are also having less disposable income for entertainment.

After the start of the Pandemic, the online streaming platform has seen a huge rise in their use. Netflix has reportedly increased 18% in profit in the duration of the pandemic.

But its no secret, even though more people are watching movies, theatres have not been receiving customers.

With the exception of Drive-in Theatres, most of the theatres are unable to host people due to the inability to maintain proper safety measures.

Theater Losses

Small theatres and many art theatres are struggling a lot recently. Due to the vague knowledge of when the lockdown will end and normal life will start, many are sinking deep into their cash reserves.

During a general survey, they understood how many small or local theatres are struggling financially in these times.

All forms of concessions, such as popcorn and soda have been removed from stock since they will just spoil and can’t be sold.

The items in stock have mostly gone bad and the money spent on it has been considered as a loss.

Many jobs in theatres have been fired due to the inability to pay salaries. Ushers, Concession stand operators, projector operators are all out looking for a new job.

A visit to a nearby theatre will show that the entire place is covered in dust due to the management’s inability to hire janitors to clean the space.

There are buildings that have housed theatres for many decades but will soon see them emptied.

Some theatres have survived multiple recessions and economic downturns. Theatres have been survived the great depression and the 2000s recessions.

But the pandemic has garnered many victims. Unlike the previous recessions, The pandemic has not only caused a reduction in disposable income, but also the inability to gather around in groups.

Many theatres are trying out various new methods to obtain some form of income. Some are selling concessions as a drive-thru option. Another form of side income is virtual screenings and also hosting online seminars.

But even with the help of all this, many iconic theatres have closed. People have had to say bye to a place where they had many personal and fond memories.

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