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“Relic”: Story and Platform Where You Watch it

Since long back from the past, the only thing that reminds us of the ghost is Movies and series. We, humans, are lost in our world and the only thing we know that exists is work and Enjoyment, Nonother than of it exist and if exist then we didn’t have enough time to give them.

Movies always make us an another being for a while, where it makes us believe that there is the existence of some supernatural power between us.

And that creating belief in us makes a movie to earn, the greater they create the belief the more there revenue would be.

Although, Horror movie has its another world with dim light, Scary sounds, and Sudden effects.

We as a 21st century people had even forgotten that there is existence of this world if these movies not would be there.

Movies such as Annabelle, Ring, and some other Blockbuster horror movies had made a base for Horror, and on that, the whole world of this horror exists.

Story of Relic

Talking about the recent movie from IFC Films “Relic” then it is also a part of that community. It has a story of Edna who is suffering from Delima and one day she suddenly disappears.

Her daughter and granddaughter came for finding her but she was nowhere. But things change to horror when they find Edna “the missing old lady” is in the kitchen.

Things were socking as her leg was covered in mold and she was behaving abnormally. They took her to the doctor where they found that her Delima is totally cured and she if good with her health.

They also reported the missing of Edna to police, After her appearance cops said them to stay with her for some days and take care of her. But from here the main twist in the story begins, she was now more volatile and abnormal.

She was forgetting things more quickly and was always saying about the existence of some supernatural power. She was now totally abnormal, Doing crazy things and everywhere just mold in the house.

Wall was covered with mold and one day they found a  rotten body in the house with it. Things were scary. They were totally horrified and Edna was at her peak stage of Delima.

Where to watch it?

Unfortunately, this movie is not available on the popular streaming platforms where may you would have the subscription.

Not on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, HBO, Hotstar, or other popular streaming platforms.

It is available on  YouTube, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Microsoft Store, Xfinity, Spectrum, and DirecTV.

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