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Thoughts on Hollywood by Oliver Stone

William Oliver Stone born on September 15, 1946, and He is an American movie producer, Moviemaker, and author. 

He had also an Oscar in his collection for being the author of Midnight Express for Best Adapted Screenplay and worked with the iconic Al Pacino film about drugs Scarface (1983). 

Stone took part in the war show Platoon in 1986 as an executive, which won an Oscar for Best Director and Best Picture. 

Stone made many movies based on the Vietnam war, first of which was Company, in which he played a small role as an infantry.

A significant number of Stone’s movies center around dubious American policy centered issues during the late twentieth century, and as such was viewed as conspiracies at the hours of their discharges.

Stone has also become a questionable figure in American filmmaking, with many critics blaming him for promoting unconfirmed fear inspired stories, and of distorting true facts and figures in his works.

Here are the highlights from his interview with the New York Times

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I know you’ve felt marginalized by Hollywood in the past. Do you still?


He doesn’t think that the mainstream media and the community in general still think about him.

He is not bothered by it and least of all bitter about it.

Many A-listers like Blake Lively took part in the latest movie by Stone which revolved around marijuana dealer who run into trouble with Mexican drug cartels

The movie was considered mainstream by many but was still opened along with Ted, an adult comedy movie about a Teddy Bear that came to life and starred Mark Whalberg

He continues to speak about his movie Snowden which starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the N.S.A whistle-blower, that leaked the fact that the American government spies on every citizen.

The movie struggled to receive finance due to the sensitivity of its plot.


Putin is obviously a canny politician. What do you suspect he believed he had to gain by talking with you?


Stone thinks his intention was, as mentioned multiple times in the documentary by Putin himself was to have a sensible conversation as two mature adults.

And even though the relationship with the USA was better when the documentary was being made, he still believes in Putin even in the current climate.

Stone believes that Putin had done nothing immoral and didn’t meddle in the 2016 elections that made Donald Trump the president.


Do you think you’ve made your last Hollywood film?


To quote him “I would have no problem doing another one, but I don’t feel it right now. Frankly, I did 20, and I got worn out.”

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