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Snippets from Interview of Jackie Earle Haley with Deccan Herald

Jackie Earle Haley was born on July 14, 1961, in Los Angeles USA, and is an American Actor. He made his debut with the role of Moocher in Breaking Away in 1979.

Later he spends quite some time as a producer and director of television advertisements. His supporting role in All the King’s Men in 2006 was his first role after a long break.

After this, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Little Children in 2006. The legendary actors turn 59 tomorrow.

Here are the best bits from an exclusive interview with Deccan Herald where Jackie talks about his early years and his best films. 

What drew him into acting?

His father was an actor and also a host for a radio talk show.

He made his debut with dairy queen commercials and a role in Dennis the Menace cartoon when his dad submitted a tape of him.

His dad was his role model and also made sure he had the help to become an established actor.

What are his favorite characters?

Rorschach from the movie watchmen was an interesting character to play since he was complex and since it was a fun comic book recreation.

Little Children was also an interesting project thanks to its interesting script and the talent that was a part of the project such as Kate Winslet. Also, that movie revived his acting career.

The reason for his interest in Dark characters

The main reason seems to be the fact that dark characters are more unique. 

There are many different characters and its usually the dark characters that are more thrilling and tend to garner attention.

Also, the fact that dark characters are an essential part of a plot and help to justify the hero’s actions is something that makes them exciting.

Thoughts on working on web series

He has worked on many shows such as Narcos: Mexico, Preacher, and Breaking away.

The fact that web series and streaming services have redefined the way we watch shows and movies. 

Thanks to the development of home theatres, the web series has reached cinematic levels of script, cinematography, and sound.

How the Pandemic has changed the way movies are being made

He feels like the production of movies have returned back to normal slowly. Safety measures that need to be enforced during movie production are being put in place.

Quarantining and isolating people when they travel to specific areas for shooting needs to enforced strictly.

Movies and shows need to be continued to be made because they act as an escape from reality and provide recreation for many.

Plans for his Birthday

No major plans for his birthday due to quarantine.

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