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The 7 Best Fantasy Movies to Watch on Netflix

Fantasy movies can come in forms, they can be about magic or a romance with an interesting twist. There might be action and mythology, Whatever it may be, a fantasy movie can be amazing in its own unique way.

Some of these fantasy movies on this list are jawdropping epics, some have A-list casts, and some take us on an outrageous, adventurous ride through the imagination.

1) About time (2013)

This is a British romantic comedy about a young man named Tim who finds out he can travel through time and space because it’s a genetic trait in every male of his family.

He then proceeds to use his gift to change his life and try to win the affection of mary, the woman of his dreams.

The British humor and realistic take on romance are refreshing to watch.

2) Pan’s Labryinth (2006)

The movie focuses on Ofelia, a young girl who grows up in Spain while there is a civil war.

The crimes by her stepfather forces Ofelia to flee to the underworld. Here she learns she might be the reincarnation of Moana (not the Disney sea princess) the princess of the underworld.

Watch as she tries to gain immortality while the movie showcases the real cost of war.

3) Mary and the Witch’s Flower (2017)

The movie is based on a novel by Mary Stewart. 

This movie focuses on mary who finds a flower that can transform her into a witch for a single night.

The movie is a delight to watch thanks to amazing graphics and spectacular and gentle take on a very serious plot.

4) Bright (2017)

Bright shows a surprising new take on what if mythical creatures were real and lived among us.

Will Smith takes the lead role as a police officer working against fairies on a quest to take over the world.

The movie emphasizes racial injustices in society in a new way that is really eye-opening.

The graphics in the movie is something truly to behold.

5) Groundhog Day (1993)

This classic starring Bill Murray is something most have heard of. If you haven’t here is the gist of it.

Weatherman Phil played by Bill Murray is stuck in a town when he gives an inaccurate prediction about the weather.

This somehow causes him to relive the same day over and over again and learn new skills over time.

6) Fullmetal Alchemist (2017)

This live-action remake of Japanese manga is something to watch in.

The movie follows the two young brothers Eldric and Alphonse.

The two brothers learn alchemy to become heroes that save the world and discover the truth about their father.

7) Ready Player One (2018)

This movie by Steven Spielberg may not have been a hit in theatres, but it is still worth a watch.

The movie takes place in a world where virtual reality games are played by everyone and is an addiction.

A very popular video game creator leaves the key to his fortune in the game. Follow Wade on his quest to find the key and wealth in the game.

Is your favorite fantasy movie not here? Comment below and we will include in the next list.

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