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NBC Originals chief ‘Psych’ movies and ‘White Collar’ revival

Comcast is a network provider in The USA and they have their own cable network commonly known as NBC. They have many channels such as MSNBC, CNBC, and many more. 

They have recently entered the streaming service sector as well, competing with Netflix,disney+, apple tv+, etc.

The new streaming service is called Peacock and they are promising to bring a lot of new and exciting originals that will be exclusive to their streaming service to make more people join their service as well.

With many streaming services to choose from Peacock is trying to set itself apart and attract as many users as possible.

Psych is a TV series produced by NBC that started in 2008 and produced 8 seasons till 2014.

One spinoff movie was made on the show, called Psych: the movie.

Psych has been warmly welcomed by the beta test users of the streaming service and the head of the departments over at NBC has been hinting at a sequel to the movie, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home.

So what is psych? 

The show is a sitcom that follows the life of Shawn. 

Shawn is capable of noticing and analyzing the smallest of details making him one of the best detectives in the world.

Together with his friend Gus, they help local policemen in solving crimes, the first one being something Shawn himself was accused of.

Bill McGoldrick, President of Original Content over at NBC has said, he is willing to make many more since he likes the collaboration with the creators, and the fans seem to love it.

If the show continues its good run and pulls more audiences consistently, it might even see a revival.

Is psych the only one?

Psych was part of the very strong set of hits over in the USA, another one was White Collar.

White-collar was a comedic take on a how, a con man Neil Caffery, becomes a good citizen after he is caught.

He begins to work with the FBI to catch other con men in exchange for a reduced sentence and later freedom, but also to search for his fiance who mysteriously passes away.

So what now?

During a recent charity event Matt Bomer, the actor who plays Neil Caffery hinted at a reboot is in talks with USA network, which is a subsidiary of the NBC network.

A lot of buzzes were made when the cast members and the show’s creators were sending messages over the internet in public.

But there are some obstacles.

Even though the show is part of the NBC roster, it was made by Fox21 studios. So it’s going to take some serious negotiations to get the rights to make it to the new streaming service.

Even so, McGoldrick has said that he is optimistic they will be able to negotiate a deal to make it all happen.

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