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5 Romantic movies on Netflix and Amazon prime that tells the real definition of Love

The meaning of love had never defined in human history, and There are just examples of it. Nothing can be compared with it, and nothing can buy, It’s an ocean of infinite depths that can never be measured.

And that’s the films there to show us, Perfect relations and examples of true love with different flavors.

Going for the streaming platform, then there is a tremendous amount of film based on love out there.

Each film is there with a different story and a unique way of elaborating the love.

From those lists of tremendousness, I am bringing you some best movies from streaming platforms, Netflix, and Amazon.

5 Best movies based on Romance are:

1) The fault in our stars

This is one of the Best movies ever on Romance that you can watch. I love this movie.

This movie features the life of Hazel grace as Shailene Woodley and Augustus Walter as Ansel Elgort, A two cancer patient.

These two guys fall in love with each other and had a great trip to Amsterdam for meeting Hazel’s favorite book writer.

After that story, take a twist when Augustus says that he is dying.

It is a movie that shows the best example of love and need, How to value the things that we have!

Where you can watch it: Amazon prime video

2) Marriage story

A movie featuring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, A couple who get divorced after a few years of their marriage.

This movie is something soft, A cozy type movie that shows the story of you and me.

The unbreakable love of Husband and wife, their fight, Their shout, Their divorce but love that not allows them to live without each other.

This movie is about inner love that we not know. It looks when things are not with you.

Where you can watch it: Netflix

3) Someone Great

A great modern romance movie shows the craziness of 3 friends, Jenny young, Blairs Helms, and Erren Kennedy, in the character of Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow, and DeWanda Wise.

Jenny hooked up with a guy, and later she was not able to forget her. This movie is something that shows a modern glimpse of western culture.

Where you can watch it: Netflix

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