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3 Great Example of Nepotism In Hollywood

Hollywood, The world-leading Entertainment sector that generates revenues in Billions. The movies being watched all over the globe and are translated into different languages.

Over here the imagination turns into a movie and screen over the different platforms. Most of the things had been designed from here and brought into the real world.

Hollywood is something where millions of people dream to show their talent and be a part of it, But Only things that take them there is, either talent or back support.

First talent, Millions of people are there that have great talent and can perform better on the screen but are stuck in the loop of Nepotism.

Some of them get their step out from that loop and some losses there hope and even sometimes there life in that.

Second one The Back support, the easiest one to be a part of the Hollywood industry, Nothing needed, Just a Goodluck to take birth in a Reputated family.

Here the Nepotism Begins.

I am listing down 3 great Example of Nepotism in Hollywood:

1) Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is a son of Will Smith, a famous actor in Hollywood. He is known for his performance in the Pursuit of Happiness.

Jaden has the MTV award for Movie Pursuit of Happiness and is a rapper, Songwriter, Actor, and Musician.

He had also been featured in Karate kid movie and his performance was well appreciated by the viewers.

But thing needed to notice is, He is an average Guy with having no own Identity.

2) Robert Downey Jr.

He is known for his different names, Tony stark, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, and many others.

This guy is one of the talented actors in Hollywood but is a part of Nepotism. He didn’t have to put more effort to take the entry in Hollywood as his father is writer, director, and filmography, Robert Downey Sr.

His mom is an actor, Elsie Downey (née Elsie Ann Ford), and His sister stepped into the film industry at a very young age and had created her identity.

He had worked in his dad’s movie at a very young age of 5 and had received an award for his movie Chaplin.

3) Nicolas Cage

Well knows as Ghostrider.

He is one of the great actors in Hollywood and known for contributing some amazing movies too.

But Again, he is a part Neptoism where his uncle supports him to take a step in Hollywood.

He is a son of literature professor August Coppola and his Uncle is a movie director Francis Ford Coppola.

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