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When Can we Start Going Back to Theatres?

When Can we Start Going Back to Theatres?

Due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus a lot of people around the world have been quarantined in their houses.

With the requirement of social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet, a lot of services had to be stopped.

Many of which that have been stopped due to this, include public transport, theatres, restaurants clubs and every place that invites a crowd of people.

But since many countries have started to relax lockdown and reopen many parts of the country since the damage to the economy will be devastating, it begs the question, when can theatres be re-opened.

Restaurants, malls, stores, and many other public places have been open to the public. One of these is places of worship, mainly churches in the US.

So all of us can’t help but wonder, when will theatres open?

In new jersey, all churches have been declared safe to use and gather in. 

Both places of worship and theaters are regarded as high-risk environments for infection by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But as a lot of public services are opening, many governments are considering to reopen theatres in the local area after enforcing strict social distancing.

The owners of theatres are saying in a lawsuit that they should be opened before places of worship because everyone can maintain social distancing better in theatres rather than in places of worship.

They say that there will be hugging and kissing in places of worship which can be avoided in theatres.

There are currently limits placed on the number of people who can attend events in closed spaces at the same time.

The limits are 25% of space’s capacity or 100 people at most.

Outdoor religious activities and political activities do not have any such limits.

This is why outdoor drive-in theatres have become very popular during this pandemic, where you drive to a parking lot in your car and watch the movie on an outdoor screen.

It is well established how theatres have been hit hard by the pandemic and have been operating in a loss for quite some time now.

Losing billions in revenue these theatres have been forced to lay off staff to maintain the cost.

Hence it would be safe to assume the rush theatre owners have to reopen theatres is to increase revenue.

The conclusion is this :

The number of COVID cases is still on the rise and a cure nor a vaccine is anywhere near in sight. This doesn’t mean to be scared but rather be careful and make responsible decisions.

It might seem attractive to rush to theatres. Watch a movie but only attend one if your safety can be assured and you won’t fall sick and spread it to the rest.


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